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A laborer who likes watching dramas, recording, reading, and exercising

Looking back at my first article on xlog, it was recorded on April 3rd, and it has been more than 3 months until today (July 29th). I think it is necessary to write a self-introduction article.

At the moment I first saw xlog, I suddenly realized that after working for more than two years since graduation, I have gradually fallen behind the times.

I can no longer find the fun of studying various interesting technologies in the library every day during college, participating in various interesting competitions, and recording these fun things, making friends one after another.

I have to admit that the daily routine work, comfortable and lacking challenges in life (of course, work still has some challenges), will gradually erode one's passion.

In the twelfth year of Jian'an, Liu Huangshu discovered that he had grown fat on the inside of his thigh while going to the toilet.

"If the sun and moon rush, the old general is coming, but the achievements are not established, so it is sad."

Liu Bei suddenly woke up at that moment, realizing that he still bore the heavy responsibility of revitalizing the Han Dynasty.

I may not have the grand ambition of Liu Huangshu, but I still carry the continuous pursuit of technology in my heart, and this will not change.

Fortunately, there is xlog, which allows me to rediscover my love for coding, learning, and writing records.

My favorite is still Su Shi's line:

"While the body is not old, let me be a bit reckless."

👏🏻 Welcome to communicate with me


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