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Some random thoughts during the Chinese New Year


Going Home#

This year (well, technically last year) I was not very excited about going home, so I ended up delaying it until the last day of work. The journey home had a few ups and downs, with the high-speed train being delayed by half an hour and it starting to snow in Changsha. Fortunately, the driver who picked me up was reliable. On the way back to my hometown from Changsha, I realized for the first time that there are no streetlights on the highway.

Unfortunately, the photos I took with my phone turned out to be of poor quality. The atmosphere was terrifying: no cars ahead on the highway, snow falling in the pitch-black night sky. My child had never seen such a scene before 😭


Fortunately, I arrived home safely in about an hour. I found out that the tunnel I used to only be able to observe from a distance had already been completed, and it is 4.5 kilometers long! I only learned about it after asking the driver, so I guess I was really out of touch.

Some Small Things#

There wasn't much to do in the two days before the Lunar New Year. On the morning of New Year's Eve, I made an appointment with a badminton friend to play. It turned out that he was a sports major in his third year of high school, and he completely defeated me. As someone who has been through it, I also understood the situation he was facing and gave him some study advice, although I'm not sure how useful it was.

My mom mentioned something to me. She said that when I went back to my hometown during the National Day holiday, I invited a former elementary school classmate to play badminton together. After playing, we split the cost of the court and shuttlecocks as usual. However, one day, that classmate's mother happened to meet my mom and deliberately brought up this matter, emphasizing that I was the only one making money...

At first, I didn't understand what she meant by "I was the only one making money." Later, I realized that it implied that they thought I was stingy... But after living in Shenzhen for so long, splitting expenses has become a habit for me. However, when I came back here, it became a point of criticism...

This incident left me speechless, so I didn't bother contacting that classmate during the Lunar New Year. I would rather go on Little Red Book and find like-minded friends to connect with.

Thinking a bit more radically, I feel like there is already a new product that has defeated WeChat, and that is Little Red Book. WeChat will never be defeated by another social networking product for acquaintances. It's just that when people start to dislike socializing with acquaintances and dislike the calculations behind the scenes, socializing with strangers becomes a better choice.

Okay, enough of that. I had a great time playing with fireworks in my hometown.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, the gym was free and not crowded, so I went to play basketball again 😁. I happened to meet a skilled player and we played singles for two hours straight, sweating profusely.

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I almost got into a car accident during the New Year... After playing basketball, I was riding my bike home peacefully, but unexpectedly, a taxi suddenly stopped in front of me to drop off passengers... The driver didn't look in the rearview mirror at all, so I crashed into the just-opened door. Fortunately, nothing serious happened, but I scraped my pinky finger on my left hand. By the time I realized what had happened, the taxi had already driven away... 😭

Family of Origin#

I used to not think that the family of origin had such a big influence on a person, but this time when I went home, I suddenly realized that I am quite similar to my mom in certain aspects (although my mom is not as impatient as me, probably because of my dad's influence).

At the same time, I also had a realization. We all dislike being bombarded with questions when visiting relatives during the New Year. Ultimately, they just want to find some sense of superiority from you. When they can't compare themselves to you, they don't even want to ask you anything (🤣. For example, there are not many relatives who have performed better than me in terms of going to college or work, so during the New Year, hardly anyone asks me about these things...)


The Blooming Flowers#

I spent the remaining time during the New Year watching the drama "The Blooming Flowers" at home. Miss Wang's performance made me laugh and cry at the same time!

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The Song of Dragon Veins#

I also finished playing the game "The Song of Dragon Veins" before the Lunar New Year (well, actually XGP is about to be discontinued). The plot was somewhat plain, but it still made me cry.

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Little Red Book Post: Travel Guide#

I shared a very cheap and convenient travel guide on Little Red Book, and unexpectedly, it received a lot of likes and comments. It just goes to show that when you share useful things or guides with a sincere attitude, it's a wonderful thing! (It reminds me of that content creator who specializes in teaching people how to take high-speed trains and airplanes, these are essential life skills.)

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App Recommendation: StressWatch#

I recommend an app called StressWatch, which assesses stress levels by calculating heart rate variability (HRV). I personally think it's quite accurate.

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