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Open source, history, Copilot (4.10~4.15)


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There was a gap of 4 days between 4.10 and 4.13, not 3 days.

It seems that I didn't understand this algorithm until high school. I used to be someone who was extremely insensitive to numbers, which made me very slow at simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Open Source#

I wanted to add a seebug crawler, but unfortunately, even after writing for a long time, I still couldn't completely succeed. The main issue is that it throws errors when crawling with multiple goroutines... I'll try to find a solution.


Finally finished an article on socks5 and implemented a simple proxy for socks5 in both Golang and Rust.



In the past week, I have been watching videos by Bo Hai Xiao Li. From the Chu-Han Contention to the Three Kingdoms, from sword fights to power struggles, from the defeat of a martial saint to the decline of a prime minister.

Bo Hai Xiao Li's meticulous analysis of history, comparing the writing style of historians and distinguishing between fact and fiction, has truly changed my perspective on history.

Before this, I always treated history as a novel, with its thrilling and dramatic plots surpassing many online novels.

After this, I finally began to understand that all history is actually contemporary history, really.

For example, why did Cao Cao, who was once a libertine in his youth, eventually achieve greatness? It turns out that family background really plays a big role. Having a father who holds a position in the court and can help clean up messes is indeed important /doge

But this is only one aspect. Why did Yuan Shao ultimately lose at Guandu? It's not because he was stupid, but because at the critical moment, he failed to replicate the heroic ambition he had when facing Gongsun Zan. Boss Cao knew that if his surprise attack on the Wuhuan failed, the consequence would be death. But Yuan Shao didn't realize that the offensive and defensive situation was different.

For example, why was Deng Ai able to successfully cross the Yinping Mountains? The essence of it is that Liu Bei didn't govern Yizhou properly at that time, and coupled with the passing of the prime minister, there was no one who could truly reconcile the conflicts between the three forces of Shu Han. Deng Ai crossed the Yinping Mountains with less than 10,000 ragged and hungry soldiers (crossing such a long mountain road). If this group of beggars could really capture a city, it would be a miracle.

So many times, we really need to be humble and not think too highly of ourselves. Always remind ourselves that we are not cut out for certain things, take it slow.

GitHub Copilot#

Out of curiosity, I decided to try out GitHub Copilot. It's nice to have PayPal support.

It's been working fine for me, reducing the time I spend copying and pasting code from chatGPT /doge

However, it can't solve many bugs. When implementing a Redis CRUD functionality using Express, the code kept throwing errors. It took me a while to debug and resolve the issue.

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