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Weekly Report #1 xlog's first weekly report

I have decided to start recording my daily life, so I can't give up easily /doge


Alumni Gathering#

Everyone is struggling, there is no harm without comparison.

Yesterday (3.26), I attended a alumni dinner of Wuhan University in Shenzhen. The venue was Xue Xiangqing in Futian. There were 12 of us, the oldest seemed to be from the class of 2015, and the youngest was from the class of 2018. Without a doubt, I was the shortest again, and I feel more and more concerned about my height.

During the dinner, we naturally talked about a lot of things. I remember two people working in the insurance industry, and two people working in the legal profession. I thought everyone would be working in the internet industry, but it turned out that only one girl was a product manager at Alibaba. I thought I would find some like-minded friends, but it turned out that we were all talking about topics like astrology and resignations. Well, I probably won't go to this kind of gathering again in the future.

Deep Sea Movie#

I know, there won't be another goodbye, the wind of the return journey keeps blowing.

Although I almost fell asleep during the first half of the movie "Deep Sea" when I watched it in the cinema for the first time this year, it doesn't affect my opinion that this is my favorite movie in recent years.

Last night, I revisited the farewell song at the end of Deep Sea, which touched my soul deeply. Although I may not have experienced depression, I believe that the inner world of people with depression is like Van Gogh's starry sky, accompanied by countless stars.

Using colorful black to reach the deepest soul.


Monday is always the most energetic day for me, once again experiencing the difficulties of working in a big company.

I feel that my mentor has a lot of ideas and wants to get involved in many things, and I also believe that he can achieve results. But from the perspective of the product manager, it's better to do less than to do more. The boss will challenge several issues:

  1. Human resources investment, ROI
  2. External communication, responsibility in case of problems

I am still too young and sometimes I don't understand the meaning behind the words.

Open Source#

I have made up my mind to get involved in open source work for the first time, mainly attracted by:

  1. I just want to write code and learn more.
  2. Find like-minded developers.


With the help of ChatGPT, I quickly completed a feature to add a GUI interface and submitted my first pull request on GitHub.

Finally, I took a milestone step.

I raised an issue for this project a few days ago, thinking that I would write it later, but I didn't expect the author to have already finished it. I saw many people replying under the issues, and suddenly I felt very happy!

I also participated in the open source collaboration within the company and took on an issue similar to a phpmyadmin system. The technology stack is React + Django.

In the issue, it was mentioned that if an SQL join query is executed, the result displayed is "(Special Type)", which is confusing.

But even after discussing with the issue author for a long time, we couldn't reproduce the problem. The initial speculation is that it may be caused by the existence of foreign keys in the table's fields.

Foreign key: a non-primary key field in a table is the primary key of another table.

My mind went blank again. Originally, when executing the table creation statement with foreign key relationships, the table corresponding to the foreign key needs to exist first.

But I was puzzled. The SQL file given to me by my colleague can be executed successfully by importing it directly. Later, I realized that there was a long comment in the first half of the SQL file, and these comments can be executed (a feature of MySQL, often used in SQL injection).


When I was browsing, I came across this project: The technology stack is Tauri + Vue. I learned that this is a cross-platform desktop building technology similar to Electron.

They are all based on webview, but my understanding is that Tauri is written in Rust at the bottom and reuses the webview of the OS layer, which can reduce the package size.

But based on this alone, it seems that it is not enough to support the use of this solution. I found the following advantages:

  • Less dependencies, Tauri relies on the native operating system and no longer needs to package Chromium.
  • Better customization.

Through the watchvuln project, I got to know Master K and also got to know Master Yu Lige! Hahaha, I didn't expect to meet them through this magical way.

This is Raye's experience, thoughts, and stories from March 27th to March 31st, 2023.


These days, I finally realized the difference between high-end rackets and low-end rackets. I bought the Victory Extreme Speed racket, and when hitting high and far shots, the feeling is really comfortable. I can feel the thrill of the ball being hit out! Poverty really limits my imagination 😭


Sometimes I come across some wonderful sentences on Bilibili, and my phone lock screen also has a widget of Xichuangzhu. I casually record some beautiful thoughts that flash through my mind.

In the shallow time, step by step in peace.

  • It's a bit like "A Quiet Life", "Peace in the World", but this sentence has been overused. Four-character sentences have neatness in four words, and five-character sentences have the beauty of five words. Sometimes after listening to a song or having a passing thought, a day or a lifetime may end. If you observe from the perspective of change, even the heavens and the earth cannot be captured in an instant.

When fallen flowers come, they follow the flowing fragrance from afar.

  • I actually think "wish" is better, as "follow" implies the passivity of fallen flowers. Fallen flowers voluntarily follow the flowing fragrance, bringing warmth to both sides.

With a joyful heart, slowly live the daily life.

  • Suddenly thought of "not rejoicing in material things, not grieving for oneself". I think it should be about living with an ordinary heart in daily life.

Only when you can control it, can you let it go.

  • Recently, I have been discussing with my classmates in the reading club, and a sentence from journalist Wang left a deep impression on me. This is probably also an important starting point for making decisions at the central level.

Promotion generally means more opportunities, like the National Land and Resources Administration in 1998.

  • In 1998, the National Land and Resources Administration was established, and housing prices began to rise. I recently wanted to reread the book "Zhi Shen Shi Nei" (Being Inside the Decision-Making Process).

If you want to buy osmanthus flowers and share wine, it's not the same as when we were young.

  • I wish I could invite the east wind to embrace the bright moon, but spring does not allow me to turn back.

Returning to the old place, the path of childhood, the snow never stops, and my hair has turned white.

  • The remaining willows are silent, and the geese are not mistaken. The west wind turns, and the world has already entered autumn.

Hesitating, raising a cup to the lonely shadow, before speaking, tears flow first.

  • I almost fell asleep during the first half of the movie "Deep Sea" when I watched it in the cinema for the first time this year, but it doesn't affect my opinion that this is my favorite movie in recent years.


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