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Weekly Report #12, It's okay to take a break while on the road

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The weekly report gives me a kind of flow, in this state similar to meditation, I organize and review my ordinary life, just like a child drawing a colorful picture.

Just like a bird that gets tired after flying for a long time, it also needs to find a habitat to drink and eat. This week, I also experienced the pain caused by excessive pressure. After falling asleep, I felt that the string was always tight, unable to truly relax, and even lying down and quietly listening to a podcast became a luxury. It seems that as long as I calm down, I will lose something. I always feel restless and anxious, so I have to semi-force myself, close my eyes, and enter a state of stream of consciousness. Zhang Xiaofeng once mentioned in "My Luminous Experiment" that she likes dark nights, turning off the lights in the room, being alone in the darkness, as if the universe has become a huge balance, with luminosity on the other side, sitting face to face, silent, only quietly enjoying this short period of peace and tranquility away from the fast-paced life.

Perhaps it is due to my personality, I am always in a hurry, always in a hurry, always searching with my eyes. I have to eat quickly, write articles and publish them immediately, and watch TV dramas, wishing to skip useless dialogues and immediately know the ending. It's not that I can't calm down, but my heart is full of fear. If I miss this moment, I will never experience it again.

After working for a long time, my mentality has gradually changed a lot. I have become more focused on the results and no longer pay attention to the current process, lacking a review of the process. It seems that as long as the result is achieved, everything is good. I read Randy's article before and once fantasized about going to Thailand to meditate and learn how to rest. But then I thought, why bother? At this moment, when writing the weekly report, I slowly savor the sound of the keyboard tapping, the beats of the music coming from the headphones, a beam of sunlight shining in from the window, and a floating dust in the wind. It's strange that Zhang Dai's "Watching Snow in the Hut Heart" can make people applaud.

The sky, clouds, mountains, and water, all white. Shadows on the lake, only a trace on the long embankment, a point on the hut heart, a grain in my boat, and two or three people in the boat.

The beauty recorded in words will eventually be shattered by reality. Imagine, coming in the joy, in the freezing cold winter, sailing on the river, even though you are wrapped in warm clothes and have a fire, you can imagine the chilling cold. Fortunately, this journey did not disappoint, and there was someone in the lake!

I like Zhang Xiaofeng's sentence the most,

I am a traveler, but I can't help but enjoy the beauty of the mountains.

Traveler, why not stop and go

This is the end of the weekly report.

💭 Random Thoughts#

One noteworthy thing this week is the August fitness goal set for me by Apple Fitness: exercise for more than 110 minutes every day for 14 consecutive days.

At first, I thought it was a bit excessive, but now I have completed it 12 times, with an average exercise time of 125 minutes per day in August.


In fact, I exercise regularly, playing badminton, running, HIT, and so on, but my weight has not been reduced. I estimate that I still eat too much staple food. This week, I started to jump rope again, with two goals: first, because I believe that jumping rope is the best way to lose weight, and you can burn 100 calories in less than 10 minutes; second, to train my physical strength and jumping ability for playing badminton.

I have also become interested in politics recently. Before that, I didn't pay much attention to it, and my thoughts on history were more focused on military and figures. As for politics, legitimacy, and authority, I rarely delved into these issues. But driven by curiosity, I gradually understood terms such as politics, power, authority, and legitimacy. Combined with the current economic downturn, I gradually realized that history does have a kind of reference value for the present. However, the irony of history lies in the fact that even though we know that something is wrong, history has also proven this, but it is still the only reasonable and effective solution at present.

I started reading physical books again last week, seemingly to break free from the life surrounded by screens. I need to step out and use some seemingly regressive and escapist methods to get away from the siege of screens.

📖Reading & 🎮Gaming#

As mentioned in the preface, this week was quite messy, and I didn't have a planned time to watch dramas or read books. Instead, I picked up my Xbox and Apple Arcade games that I haven't played for a long time and revisited the joy of gaming, gaining many new experiences.

One game that caught my eye is "Cat Fight Dragon" (forgive me for not playing many games). I added it to my wishlist on Steam a long time ago but never played it. Luckily, I found it on the App Store and bought it.

It's quite fun to play with a controller. But as always, I have poor hand-eye coordination. I plan to spend some time to complete it.


In the preface, I mentioned that I am becoming more and more interested in history and starting to think about the legitimacy of political power. I accidentally came across this video: The Characteristics of Wei, Shu, and Wu in the Three Kingdoms and Which One Has Higher Legitimacy? The author is really daring to speak out. It seems quite reactionary no matter how you look at it 🐶

I also quite like this course on Bilibili and plan to buy it to learn more and think about what power really is and the meaning of the existence of a country, etc.: Biased View of Politics: Professor Li Yun's Political Science Course

Also, no matter how you look at it, this paragraph seems to be satirizing current politics... Soviet jokes never go out of style 🤣


📝 Memorable Quotes#

Mainly quotes from Zhang Xiaofeng, I really like her essays (mainly to meet the word count for the weekly report 😁)

  • Although frustrated, in an instant, a thought came to my mind, as if countless rays of light broke through the clouds. "You still have a pen."
  • It seemed that relying on the courage of good weather, I walked in...
  • It used to be an amazing fragrance and sweetness, stored in a gorgeous and dazzling box, loved by people, admired and coveted, superior to peers, self-sufficient... and finally, in one's lifetime, the dancer dances low, the bright moon in the heart of the Yangliu Tower; the warrior walks through the twilight grass on the battlefield; the poet shocks the mountains and rivers and the gods; the one who is good at collecting has gold and jade in abundance... but as for their own flesh and blood, it is destined to be thrown into the yellow soil.
  • I realized the solemnity and brilliance of myself, which turned out to be better than the stone Buddha sitting on the lotus seat in the deep mountains.
  • If the blue sky can forget the touch of white clouds, if the old tree can forget the singing of the oriole, you should also quickly forget my small visit that day.
  • It seems that a bowl and a staff can travel all over the world without any worries. It is indeed worthy of admiration. But isn't it cute for someone like me who wants to offer tea to celebrities?
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