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Weekly Report #13 You, and a Pen


This records Raye's life and thoughts from August 21, 2023, to August 27, 2023.

Last week was a bit mentally exhausted, which affected both sleep and work efficiency. So, I decided to take a break over the weekend and do things I wanted to do after playing badminton in the morning. I tried to relax, although the actual effect wasn't very good.

On Saturday afternoon, I continued to familiarize myself with the source code of xlog and felt the difference in the mindset between backend and frontend development. The pull request is not yet complete, so I need to continue analyzing it. I also want to write an article interpreting the source code. On Sunday afternoon, I attended another book club organized by another BG. The speaker shared "Love in the Time of Cholera," which was also the first time I attended an offline book club organized by the company. Originally, I should have chosen a more elegant pen name, but I ended up using the simple name "Raye." However, I had a great time communicating with the book club members, and I am also planning to be the speaker for the next sharing session. I am currently thinking about which book to share.

I finished reading "The Klein Bottle" over the weekend. It is indeed a great novel. After the protagonist experiences a VR game, he gradually loses the ability to distinguish between reality and virtuality, similar to "Inception." I wonder if Nolan borrowed this idea. 🤔

The most important thing this week is to start organizing my previous blog articles and revisit memories from years ago.

I used to think that I had to abandon the past, say goodbye to time, bid tearful farewells, and constantly move forward.

If the blue sky can forget the touch of white clouds, if the old tree can forget the singing of the oriole,
If the sea waves can forget the kiss of the shore, if the night sky can forget the twinkle of the stars,
If the brush can forget the flow of the pen tip, if the inkstone can forget the immersion of the ink,

Unfortunately, these are just "ifs." I overestimated myself. Some of the records left behind are still hard to let go of.

This week, I suddenly missed the articles I wrote before, but for various reasons (such as accidentally deleting the Github repository 🥲, stupid operation), they are all gone.

Teacher Zhang Xiaofeng once mentioned that when she was filling out a form at the airport counter, her bag was stolen. When she realized what had happened, she felt frustrated, but at that moment, a thought suddenly came to her:

"You still have a pen."

This is the end of this week's report.

📝 Migration of Old Blog#

Although I mentioned in the preface that the articles were lost, fortunately, I made multiple backups before. I found my archives on Gitee and Coding platforms! I'm so excited (although the Markdown source files are lost, at least the static HTML pages and images are still there).

Taking this opportunity, I reorganized my writing experience:

  • On November 20, 2018, I wrote my first article on Jianshu as "Ping Shui Jian Ren" (A Casual Observer). I wrote a total of 160 articles with a word count of 8.1k. The last update was on February 17, 2023.
  • On February 7, 2019, I built a Hexo blog with the NexT theme. The first article was "WP for Bugku Web Problems." I wrote a total of 74 articles, and the word count is unknown. The last update was on October 20, 2019.
  • On January 30, 2020, I switched to the Butterfly theme for my Hexo blog. The first article was "XXE Review." I wrote a total of 87 articles with a word count of 66.5k. The last update was on June 6, 2020.
  • On April 3, 2023, I officially became an xlogger and published my first article, "Weekly Report #1: Badminton, Gathering, Sentences." I am still writing, and I hope this last update will be infinite. 😃

Adding them up, I have written a total of 321 articles since 2018, and the total word count must have exceeded one million. Hahaha. 😆

Here are some screenshots. Although they are only static HTML pages, I plan to deploy them at some point as a kind of commemoration.




When I found my articles, it felt like finding a long-lost relative. So, I plan to select and rework my previous articles and move them to xlog. I am currently working on it slowly.

In addition, translating the articles into English is also a headache for me. Although I passed the CET-6 (College English Test Band 6), my English level is still average. However, I quickly discovered that the Immersive Translator plugin is so useful, especially when combined with Deepl or OpenAI for translation. The translated articles are even difficult for me to understand, and they are very close to native English expression.

For example, I translated my weekly report from last week into English and posted it on Medium:

Weekly Report #12: Traveler on the road, why not take a break and enjoy the journey?

The only downside is that it is expensive. However, my free usage of OpenAI has expired, so if I want to use my own API token, I have to register a new account. I'm too lazy to do that, so I'll just support the Immersive Translator plugin. 🤣

👨🏻‍💻Open Source and xlog#

I thought it would be easy to develop a comment pinning feature for xlog, but I underestimated the difficulty of transitioning from backend to frontend thinking.

Especially in understanding React hooks, I thought I understood it and could use it right away! But when I started writing, I had to spend a long time thinking, and I realized that I had missed many key points.

Let me slowly familiarize myself with frontend development. I believe I can solve it as long as I work towards my goal.

📚Reading & 🎧Podcasts#

Here are some books I read this week:

  • Days at the Senzaki Bookstore
    I seem to have an indescribable liking for books with titles like this. They give a sense of escaping from the mundane and a fresh feeling. However, the drawback is that the plot's catalyst feels less believable, as if it is forced. But this book focuses more on the protagonist's inner changes, which is the only flaw.

  • The Klein Bottle
    As mentioned in the preface, I recommend it. It can be finished in one or two hours.

Here are some podcasts I listened to this week:

📮 Newsletter#

From now on, all my records will be automatically synchronized to my personal channel:

However, I will also excerpt some of them and post them on my blog:

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