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Weekly Report #15 Overtime, Appletv, and Information Flow Sorting

Recently, I have been working overtime for the past two weeks, and I have been leaving work after 10 o'clock for several consecutive days. Combined with my poor sleep quality, I decided to wear my Apple watch again to monitor my sleep.

Every day, I struggle with various magical features of JS at work, which tortures me a lot. It seems like I'm constantly thinking even in my dreams, and I haven't been able to relax effectively. On Friday night, September 22nd, I couldn't muster any interest in doing anything when I got home, so I turned off the lights at 9 o'clock and lay in bed listening to an ideal law course and fell asleep. The next day, my mental state was indeed much better.

On Friday night, September 15th, I encountered an unprecedented traffic jam in Shenzhen due to heavy rain, which caused the roads in Bao'an to be flooded, and it was congested all the way to the company's doorstep. After getting on the company bus, I felt that something was wrong, so I quickly got off and walked home. Afterwards, I learned that many colleagues experienced a traffic jam for up to 40 minutes to an hour, while I was already home at that time. 😁

Xlog has been updated, and I have also tried the graphic and text function before. I plan to put some book reviews that I usually write in my weekly report in the graphic and text section and summarize them.

The overall feeling is great, but the formatting after clicking into each graphic and text is a bit messy, and they are all compressed into one paragraph.

This is the end of this week's report.

📚Rereading and Recommendations#

I reread "The History of the Ming Dynasty".

The two best characters in "The History of the Ming Dynasty" and the two stories that made me cry the most are Li Shizhen and Xu Xiake.

"Regardless of whether Xu Jie defeated Yan Song or whether Zhang Juzheng was an outstanding reformer, it has nothing to do with Li Shizhen. He is just a doctor. He knows that life is precious and fragile. As a doctor, he has the responsibility and obligation to maintain the existence of life."

"I am just an ordinary person, not appointed by anyone. I am just wearing plain clothes, holding a crutch, wearing straw shoes, and traveling the world on my own. Even if I die, I have no regrets."

This also confirms what the author wrote, "There is only one success, and that is to live one's life in one's own way."

I also recommend a book called "Looking at History Through Geography". As ancient people have said, "Left picture, right history." Maps are very helpful for understanding history. Why does the central region have an imperial atmosphere? Why is it necessary to guard the Yangtze River and the Huai River? Why is Hanzhong the throat of Bashu? Why is it so difficult to launch a northern expedition?

Finally, here are some excerpts:

In conjunction with the county system, there were also policies to keep the people ignorant and weak. Shang Yang believed that in order to make the people easy to manage and obedient to the country's policies, it would be best if the people were a little foolish. In the Six States period, there was a flourishing of various schools of thought and the people were too clever. If you asked them to kill, they would talk to you about benevolence and righteousness. If you asked them to use tricks, they would scold you for being immoral. Also, it would be best if the common people were not wealthy. "If the people are rich, the country will be weak; if the people are weak, the country will be rich." If people have money, they won't be willing to risk their lives on the battlefield. The stimulating effect of interests will be greatly reduced. People who are struggling to make ends meet will work hard to survive by farming or fighting, and they won't have time to ponder whether the country's policies are reasonable.

(You'd better be talking about history.)

📺 Surge & Apple TV#

tvOS 17 has been officially released, and I waited until this point to buy an Apple TV because it added an important VPN feature. Plus, I'm already a heavy user of Surge, and the author said that the TV version of Surge is free, so I quickly placed an order (pdd is really good). I tinkered with it on Saturday night and finally can watch 4K American TV shows on Apple TV.

However, during the tinkering process, although the following words are somewhat politically incorrect (after all, the author is really amazing), as a user, I really don't want to bind iCloud, and at first, I didn't even realize whether the iCloud account bound by Surge is the same as the App Store account (after all, I often change my App Store account), and even someone like me may not be able to tell. I think ordinary novice users would also be confused.

The final solution is as follows: Apple TV can log in with a local account as the main account, and the subscription account can be a different account, such as a US App Store account, which can be completely synchronized with your phone by syncing it from your phone.

(P.S. And from the author's tweets, it is obvious that binding iCloud is just a convenient way. If the author really feels tired of development, he can charge for it. I support that...)

ℹ️ Information Flow Organization Practice#

In fact, many things that require effort to maintain are often neglected. People tend to become lazy. For example, last week, due to overtime and lack of sleep, I didn't have the energy to do anything extra. So I thought about simplifying things and getting rid of some fancy but impractical software and methods, and only keeping what suits me.

I have also seen many people like to organize their apps into one or more folders. At first, I thought this kind of classification made sense, so I tried it for a while, thinking that organizing similar functions together would increase the frequency of opening some niche apps. But soon I realized that it was a paradox. The reasons are as follows: apps can be divided into frequently opened and infrequently opened.

  1. If it is a frequently opened app, even if it is in a folder, an extra step is not useful.
  2. If it is an infrequently opened app, even if it is in a folder, an extra step is not useful.

So after organizing into folders, I ended up only watching Bilibili almost every day, and I rarely watch YouTube because they are both in the same folder 🤣. The motivation to open Bilibili is obviously higher than YouTube...

After realizing this, I decisively gave up the folder organization and evenly distributed all the apps that I need, want to use, and can use. If I can't find one, isn't there a search function? The speed of searching is not slower than thinking about which folder it is in.

There is also an article called "My Personal Information Flow Methodology and Practice". I have already written over 2,000 words, but I still feel unsatisfied and am still making continuous modifications. Maybe I can publish it this week.

📮 Newsletter#

From now on, all my records will be automatically synchronized to my personal channel,

But I will also excerpt some of them and put them on my blog:

Finally, here are some posters of Star Ocean:




I wish everyone who reads this article a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Here is a blessing I posted on my Moments last year (because I haven't come up with one for this year yet 🤣, maybe I'll think of one on Mid-Autumn Festival):

Every year on this night, the moonlight is like frost, and it is always close to people even if they are thousands of miles apart.

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