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Weekly Report #19 Being in the midst of chaos, but the heart is in a utopia.

Group 1

On Monday, I went to the gym and lifted some weights. I added too much weight, which caused pain in my upper body for a week. I almost couldn't play badminton 🤣. On Tuesday, it was Programmer's Day, and I participated in the company's offline activities and received a lot of gifts. I was very happy. P5r will withdraw from XGP at the end of October, but I can't bear to buy it. Fortunately, the main storyline has reached the Lion Palace. I'm afraid I won't have time to play the third semester, so I'll focus on it for now.

In the past week, it seems that I have fallen into the quagmire of thinking again, and I can't seem to move forward no matter what.

We always hope for a silver bullet that can solve all the problems we encounter in one go.

But in reality, the so-called sudden enlightenment and sudden clarity are nothing more than a step-by-step process, a step-by-step choice. It is only after taking dozens of steps that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I came across a video of Bi Dao finally graduating. Although I haven't pursued a master's degree, I can still appreciate the difficulty of writing a thesis. There are many ideas for writing a watered-down thesis, but I don't have any serious innovative ideas. But besides true geniuses, who can come up with those amazing ideas in an instant?

I often feel a headache and get criticized by my leader for not thinking enough. At this time, I would fall into the dilemma of Wang Yangming's bamboo, what can I think of by staring at the bamboo every day? Often, in the end, I blame myself and wish to go back and become a simple programmer, just being commanded to implement various functions.

Seeing colleagues who have already left the company enjoying their freedom in Shenzhen without the pressure of work, I feel a bit envious. But I know I can't do it. Even if I spend a day playing games and ordering takeout on weekends, without any social work, it is unacceptable for me.

There is pressure, room for improvement, and communication, but I always think about escaping. This contradictory mentality may be the best state of mind at present.

As the title suggests, I am in the midst of nowhere, but my heart is in the Peach Blossom Spring.

Happy 1024 Programmer's Day!#

There was a booth for tRPC at the offline event. The activity was simple, just scan a code to see your contribution to tRPC. If you have made a contribution, you can get a reward, hahaha 😆

I didn't expect that I would accidentally contribute to tRPC out of interest and completed some issues. I can also be considered a developer who contributes to the project!


Let me advertise a bit, tRPC has been open-sourced. The initial release includes versions in C++ and golang. Feel free to raise issues and submit pull requests.

📚Reading & Book Club#




Take a look at the pictures, I'm tired and don't want to write anymore 🤣

It was a very interesting book club, although there was a slight suspicion of brand promotion. But when I came back at night, I felt weak all over... I couldn't do anything lying in bed. After careful consideration, I might be the kind of person who is not suitable for smelling fragrances.

📮 Newsletter#

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