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Weekly Report #2 Qingming, Badminton


This records Raye's stories and experiences during the period from April 1st to April 8th, 2023.

The timing of the Qingming Festival holiday is a bit awkward, falling right in the middle of the week. "Qingming shijie yu fenfen" is a line of poetry that will still be recited by everyone regardless of the passage of time. I didn't have anywhere special to go, so I made plans with my friends to play basketball at the company at 7:40 in the morning. It was a bit crazy.

After playing for almost an hour, unfortunately, I fell while stepping back to catch a ball. Luckily, I fell backward and only sprained my foot, so after resting for a while, I was able to walk normally again. By the next day, I had almost fully recovered.

Open Source and ChatGPT#

The Watchvuln project submitted a pull request and received thanks from K Master. 😋

I also participated in the company's open-source projects. First, I completed the translation of the trpc RESTful documentation, and then I took on the development of an English learning check-in system. I had previously studied Django for a while, so I rolled up my sleeves and started working. This was actually my first time using Django to develop a project, and I encountered many problems. I plan to write a series to record the process. Fortunately, with the help of ChatGPT, both development and debugging were efficient.

The people I interacted with were responsible for the project, but they actually don't understand technology. Even with the help of ChatGPT, it is still difficult for someone without any computer background to successfully run the project. Therefore, tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot are currently tools to help programmers improve efficiency. In essence, the process of compiling and running programs is too cumbersome, and combined with the fact that the product itself cannot fully explain the requirements, there is no need to believe in the nonsense of replacing programmers for now.

Planning for the Trip to Thailand#

My impression of Thailand comes from the book "Banma" by Fu Zhen. I read it in one go during the New Year's Day, making it the first book I read in 2023. The main content is the story of the protagonist Su Ang's journey to Bangkok for embryo implantation surgery, interspersed with a lot of thoughts and ideas conveyed by the author through Su Ang. The passage that left the deepest impression on me is:


And here are some excerpts:

"In Su Ang's view, this is the charm of Bangkok - here, you can see several different worlds at once. Under the neon lights and the shadows of skyscrapers, there are hidden tin shantytowns, the backstreets of five-star hotels are filled with rundown hostels where backpackers gather, high-end restaurants and street food stalls coexist and are equally delicious, sensual pleasures and Buddhist asceticism are incompatible but do not interfere with each other..."

"But it (Bangkok) still moves forward single-mindedly like a wanton Cinderella. It is the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been colonized by European powers, and it is the only place in Southeast Asian cities where order and pleasure coexist. There is no doubt that this is an unreserved transaction."

After reading the book, I had the idea of going to Bangkok.

Because I'm planning to go to Thailand with my friends on April 26th, a total of six people, hahaha, I have started preparing some things for the trip in advance. There are a few key items:

  • Thai SIM card, usually available on Taobao, need to prepare in advance
  • Thai Baht, the exchange rate is usually 1 Thai Baht: 0.2 RMB, exchanging at the airport can be a rip-off, better to exchange in advance in China
  • Electronic visa on arrival, Thailand allows for visa on arrival, but there may be queues, I'm still considering whether to go through the hassle of getting an electronic visa


The best thing about Liu Cixin's writing is his panoramic depiction of four-dimensional space from a three-dimensional perspective, gradually entering the distorted space. It is a detailed dissection of civilization after its destruction, like a cruel and insane maniac dissecting humanity with a smile. Every time he writes about this, he goes on a rampage, goes crazy, as if the destruction of humanity has nothing to do with him. He calmly reaches the end of reason and absurdity, skipping over a million years of time coordinates. The appointment of lovers is shattered across light-years by reckless stumbling, and the newly established deadly balance is immediately torn apart - there has never been peace and friendship, there has never been a savior, every civilization is a hunter in the forest, and every civilization is also prey - some readers inevitably complain about why the author is so ruthless, because in Liu Cixin's works, the perspective is often detached and icy, like mathematics.

  • I especially like this passage about Liu Cixin, excerpted from the "Southern Metropolis Daily," which succinctly summarizes the main content of "The Three-Body Problem" and presents Liu Cixin's thoughts in the field of science fiction. I also took the liberty of writing a paragraph about Zheng Yuanjie, and I will record it below.

The best thing about Zheng Yuanjie's writing is his depiction of the adult world from a child's perspective, starting with despised characters like the big bad wolf and the little mouse. He depicts the darkest aspects of human nature, like a skilled surgeon dissecting the human soul. It is an endless exploration of the human heart, revealing the deep thoughts hidden behind laughter. Every time he writes about this, he loses control, goes crazy, as if the joys and sorrows of humanity have nothing to do with him. He calmly crosses the boundaries of reason and absurdity, blurring the boundaries between the world of fairy tales and real life. Outdated and decadent ideas are shattered, the rules of the world are brushed aside with a stroke, revealing a world full of fantasy. In this world, children learn to bravely face difficulties and feel the power of friendship, while adults rediscover their lost innocence in this whimsical world. Some readers inevitably complain about why the author is so good at exploring the dark side of human nature, because in Zheng Yuanjie's works, the protagonists are often wise and humorous children.

In my life, north and south of the river, I love the sound of the flute in the wind the most.

  • This sentence is so unrestrained, it matches Huang Tingjian's style and also matches the style of the "Nian Nu Jiao" poetic genre.
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