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Weekly Report #20 Healing is not a dream

I saw the discussion on "Sleeping Pills" in the show "Quirky Talk". It is easy for the opposing side to argue against it, as mentioned by Xiaolu, it can lead to excessive competition, which is a reasonable inference. It is difficult for the affirmative side, but I was deeply moved by the speech of the second affirmative debater. Here are some excerpts:

Seoul Sister told us that dreams are a way for people to escape reality, and I strongly agree. However, you should know that you cannot choose dreams for yourself. How long has it been since you last had a dream? How long can you control when your dreams occur?

I think it is better to create dreams rather than wait for them.

When I encounter unhappiness, my first reaction is definitely not to go to sleep, because you may feel even more disappointed after waking up, and sometimes the problem is not solved. I write it down, I write it down in the way I want it to be. Words can be permanently remembered. When I read these words after several years, as long as I can still remember the scenes I described at that time, my loved ones have not left, as long as I can still remember my loved one, my loved one has not left.

So what heals you is not the dream, but everything you just wrote down.

💭Thoughts on reading history books#

On Sunday, I received an invitation from Wenjie to attend a unique grassland sharing session, and I recorded some of my thoughts:

  1. One point that impressed me during Wenjie's sharing was "Three minutes of rest for everyone, ten years have passed." It reminded me of a saying, flipping through a page of history books reveals the lives of countless individuals.
  2. History is sometimes about winners and losers, and we deduce the reasons from the results. For example, we all know that Yuan Shao was defeated by Cao Cao, but we cannot think that Yuan Shao was foolish because of this. There is a Bilibili uploader called Bohai Xiaoli who deeply analyzes every detail of the Battle of Guandu, using facts to tell us that history has causes and details.
  3. I have read a book called "Mustard Seed," where mustard seed and Mount Sumeru are relative terms used in Buddhism. Mount Sumeru represents infinity, while mustard seed means infinitesimal. Therefore, "Mustard Seed" is a book about the small people in history. For example, it does not talk about Zhou Yu, but writes about the maid who played the piano, her life, her emotions, and her mischievous thoughts when playing the piano. This is the kind of historical story I like.
  4. I have also read "The History of the Ming Dynasty." I think the two best-written and most touching stories in "The History of the Ming Dynasty" are about Li Shizhen and Xu Xiake.

"Regardless of whether Xu Jie defeated Yan Song or whether Zhang Juzheng was an outstanding reformer, it has nothing to do with Li Shizhen. He is just a doctor. He knows that life is precious and fragile. As a doctor, he has the responsibility and obligation to maintain the existence of life."
"I am just a commoner, not on a mission, just wearing plain clothes, holding a cane, wearing grass shoes, traveling the world with my own abilities. Even if I die, I have no regrets."

  1. Xu Xiake's original words were, "Wherever I go with my hoe, where can't I bury my bones?" This means that I carry my hoe and travel the world, where can't I be buried? My Chinese teacher taught us this, and I can feel her love for Xu Xiake. Just like the moon in those years, she also put him at the end, using such a story to conclude the more than two hundred years of the Ming Dynasty. This is also what the author wants to express: success is to live our lives in our own way.

📮 Newsletter#

From now on, all my records will be automatically synchronized to my personal channel,

But I will also excerpt some and put them on my blog:

Currently Reading 📚#

"The Chronicle of Losers"
Recommended by a book friend, I have also read many history books. This one requires a certain historical foundation, but I already know many historical stories from the Spring and Autumn Period, so it's like a review for me.

"Anna Karenina"

Currently Watching 📺#

"The Gilded Age"
The more classic series in this genre should be "Downton Abbey". I don't know why, but I started to like this series. The strong historical atmosphere and the melancholic and surging BGM make it feel like a historical painting unfolding in front of you. (Of course, the female lead is so beautiful! The more you look, the more pleasing to the eye)

Currently Playing 🎮#

Marvel's Spider-Man 2.0! Popcorn games are addictive 😁

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