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Weekly Report #21 Huizhou, New Domain Names, and Reading Sharing

It has been two weeks since the last weekly report. I wrote down some thoughts on flomo:

Recently, I stopped writing the weekly report. The more I write, the more it becomes a burden and a compulsion. Therefore, it is necessary to introspect and explore externally to rediscover more meaningful things and thoughts worth recording.

In these two weeks, I have had some new experiences and couldn't help but start writing the weekly report again 🥰

Last Saturday, our team went on a team-building trip to Xunliao Bay in Huizhou. It was tiring, but we had a barbecue at a seaside villa, looked up at the long-lost stars at night, and had a pleasant surprise with a late-night game of Texas Hold'em. On Sunday noon, I took a ride back to Shenzhen and as the main speaker, I shared a book I love called "The Submarine in the Night". I was a bit nervous at first, with sweat on my forehead, but I quickly got into the flow. I'm not sure if I spoke too fast, but I look forward to preparing for new presentations in the future, maybe about history books. While slacking off at work, I thought it was necessary to have a personal domain name. I had previously registered "" but it didn't feel quite right. I searched for domain names related to "raye" and most of them were taken, so I had to settle for "" which I quite liked. I migrated it to Cloudflare for DNS resolution and got a free DNS package. By the time you read this article, I have already completed the domain migration.

Recently, I listened to a lecture by Yang Zhao about Sima Qian's "Records of the Grand Historian" and realized that there were many issues I hadn't thought of. As the first biographical historical book, "Records of the Grand Historian" faced many difficulties. For example, in the story of the Hongmen Banquet involving Xiang Yu and Liu Bang, both of them experienced it. So, which biography should this story be placed in? Sima Qian's answer was to include it in Xiang Yu's biography, and in Liu Bang's biography, it was simply mentioned briefly.

I suddenly thought of this example because writing the weekly report seems simple, but it's actually similar to writing "Records of the Grand Historian". Although it's not a work that spans ancient and modern times, it is still a trivial record of my own. The arrangement of details can only be felt when writing. There is no distinction between good and bad in writing. If possible, I would also like to be a book boy by Sima Qian's side, grinding ink and holding paper for him.


Although, however, the impromptu trip disrupted my plans. The team-building in Huizhou was a bit rushed, but the experience was still good, even though it was my second time at Xunliao Bay. On the way there, I saw the seafood restaurant where we ate during the last team-building trip 🤣, so it was a nostalgic visit.

It was my first time experiencing an outdoor hot spring, but I didn't see many pretty girls 🐶, it was just really cold. Walking between the various hot spring pools with a blanket wrapped around me, I even unlocked the achievement of almost fainting from soaking in the hot spring, which was consistent with my PR5 experience 🤔

After returning, we started the busy work of cutting vegetables and grilling skewers. We were all busy until past midnight before we took the first bite of meat, all because the charcoal wasn't cooperating 🤣. But there was a crescent moon in the sky, countless stars above our heads, and fireworks in the distance, which brought us a lot of surprises.

There are so many stars in the sky at night in Huizhou. Even in Shenzhen, there are rarely such opportunities to leisurely gaze at the bright stars like precious gems. Moreover, the stars captured by the camera are even more numerous than what the naked eye can see, a little-known fact +1


A colleague recommended a star map software called Stellarium, and it's really easy to use. I have never known the names of the stars since I was a child, just like I might not recognize the crops in a field now (mainly because the knowledge in textbooks and what teachers teach is unclear).


The cover image is from the villa we stayed at in Xunliao Bay.

Book Club Presentation#

Being a speaker at an offline book club is something I have always wanted to do, but there are still many challenges in practice.

One of them is my procrastination in writing the script. Although I started brainstorming early, I actually didn't start writing until the week before the presentation (my damn procrastination).

Although I didn't finish it completely the weekend before, I expected to finish it by slacking off during work hours and having a whole Saturday. But as soon as I started working, I realized that I had to organize two presentation materials, and my head was spinning. It seemed that I couldn't slack off at work anymore. On Wednesday, I suddenly decided to go on a team-building trip to Huizhou on the weekend? My... all my plans were completely disrupted 😀

So I had to rely on the two hours before going to bed every night to continue working on the script and PowerPoint.

Indeed, when a person is too busy, they lose interest in playing games. I don't even have the thought of playing games, and when I'm tired, I just want to lie down and read a book.

Writing in the Amniotic Fluid of Imagination - 11.19 "The Submarine in the Night" Presentation - raye~ (

New Domain Name#

The xlog blog domain name has officially changed to

At the same time, I have unlocked the use of Obsidian to publish the xlog blog, and it feels much more efficient. Since my Ulysses subscription has expired, I have migrated everything to Obsidian.

Obsidian has become more and more user-friendly. When I first encountered it two years ago, it was just usable, but now its features are more complete.

I tried the sync-to-xlog plugin and found a few points that could be optimized.

  1. Automatically recognize the tags in Obsidian and synchronize them to xlog, while removing the tags from the text in the published articles?
  2. The bidirectional links didn't actually transfer, which is a bit difficult.


From now on, all my records will be automatically synchronized to my personal channel,

But I will also excerpt some of them and put them on my blog:

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