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Weekly Report #23 Shenzhen's winter, learning to focus, and some 2023 retrospectives

Shenzhen has experienced a significant drop in temperature.

There is an article by Lao She called "Winter in Jinan". I still remember a reading comprehension question after class, "Why is it not winter in Jinan? What is the author's intention in writing this way?"

What is the intention? I don't want to criticize the exam-oriented education system. It is always good to help the author come up with some questions, but it is always better to ask questions.

When I wrote this title, naturally, I wanted to write about winter in Shenzhen. It's as if God is looking down on the earth from the universe, with rain in Los Angeles, scorching sun at Cape of Good Hope, and cold winds blowing in Siberia. Every region that can be marked by latitude and longitude has different weather.

And I am at this point, possibly a location that cannot be accurately represented even by the most precise chip, currently experiencing the first severe winter in Shenzhen.

This is also the last weekly report of the 23rd year. I started slacking off in December, gradually reducing the time spent on writing, but I will continue to write.

On Christmas night, Merry Christmas.

Learn to Focus#

There is no myth or legend of four ounces moving a thousand pounds in this world, only warriors who dare to fight on the battlefield with their bayonets.

December 22nd was the department's annual meeting. I, as an insulation material for winning prizes, only won a big prize when I first joined in 21. I haven't won any prizes in subsequent annual meetings. But the closed-door meeting in the afternoon was the most beneficial for me.

Three years ago, when I first interned in this department, I probably thought there were too many red dots in the WeChat-Discover-Games entrance, so I hid it directly. As a result, when the leader told me that there were many game benefits that could be obtained in WeChat games, I was completely clueless. But back then, I nodded repeatedly pretending to understand. In fact, not only me, many colleagues in the department didn't know or rarely opened it, which to some extent became the KPI given by the boss to us - how to make colleagues in the department start using it. But that's another story, not mentioned here.

At that time, casual games were basically in a state of inferior currency driving out good currency. All the casual games I opened were filled with advertisements. We and our product colleagues had a WeChat group, and whoever discovered a case of maliciously inducing users to click on ads would provide feedback. At that time, I was competing with my colleagues to constantly throw cases into the group. But now, almost no one in the group provides feedback anymore (which also reflects that the casual game ecosystem is getting better).

Who would have thought that the two core businesses of the department, one celebrating its tenth anniversary and the other already six years old, have come a long way.

But looking back at my year, my energy was too scattered, and I regressed compared to last year. But fortunately, my mentor and leader also noticed and communicated with me in time, teaching me to refocus.

I also learned some lessons from "The Greedy Dopamine". To some extent, I belong to the type of constantly pursuing new things. In fact, this is just a very low-level and convenient way to obtain dopamine, and I will feel more tired afterwards.

Chinese Blog WeChat Group#

Joined Xiaohutong's Chinese Blog WeChat group, with my blog domain name in the group chat card, this way of communication is really cool!

After joining the WeChat group, I encountered some interesting things. The topics we discussed were very diverse. Occasionally, I would peek or participate in some discussions.

I still have quite a few friends in Shenzhen. During the chat, I would discover that we work in the same building or not far apart. Maybe we have even met each other in the flow of people commuting to and from work. Fate is really mysterious.

Xiaohutong's recommended selections are great!

Xiaohutong's Recommended Shopping List

Some Summaries of 2023#

Foreign app summaries came out early, and domestic ones may not come out until the last week. I will probably write about them in the year-end summary or the 24th year's weekly report. I also plan to recommend the books I have read and the TV shows I have watched in 2023, creating my own 2023 recommendations.







Ps5 (since it just arrived this year, I haven't had a chance to play):


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It turns out that I still love Huang Bo the most, most of the songs are his.



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