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Weekly Report #25 Tea Session, Book Club, and "Siddhartha"


Looking back at my own articles, sometimes there is a strange experience of having a conversation with my past self.

I am not particularly good at expressing myself, and I am also trying to slow down my speech and make it more organized, forcing myself to use a structured approach like 1.2.3. to make my speech more structured.

But this is ultimately not as comfortable as writing. The arrangement of words is wonderful and creative, and it can make you applaud.

Although different people have different views, such as "don't publish blogs that are written for yourself" or "don't look back at the articles you have written," why bother attaching these restrictions to yourself, as if you were a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder, facing the tiles on the road, and forcing yourself not to step on the edge.

After learning about writing, it is meant to be used for writing and reading. While we say not to limit ourselves, we also impose unreasonable conditions on ourselves.

It always feels strange (.

This is the end of the weekly report.

Tea Party#

I attended an online tea party organized by a reading group, where everyone joined the Tencent Meeting to chat about their experiences in the past year.

During the gathering, I heard many insights from people of different ages. Some complained about their colleagues working overtime, while others were angry and quit their jobs because of their bosses' inappropriate behavior. To be honest, I didn't gain much from listening. It was just a bunch of after-dinner complaints.

But I had another thought when I heard someone working in Singapore say that their leader would announce their vacation plans at the beginning of the year, asking their subordinates not to disturb them during their time off.

I suddenly felt a sense of disgust. Why do we always have to mention things like going diving in the Maldives or skiing in the Alps when we talk about work? Are these really important? Are these the so-called poetry and distant places?

To some extent, I can understand that this is a way to escape from the current life and exile oneself. But what I seek is just the satisfaction of having a meal, the joy of opening a page of a book, and the feeling of walking under a camphor tree with a gentle breeze and a faint fragrance.

I suddenly thought of "Siddhartha". I used to have a low opinion of this book, but now I have a new understanding.

At the beginning, Siddhartha was a monk who restrained himself, just like us workers facing our complicated work every day. But when he realized the beauty of the world, he began to indulge himself. However, his indulgence was only a form of revenge, because he could never overturn his past.

In the end, Siddhartha spent the rest of his life by a river.

Life is too long. I can experience Siddhartha's journey in a day: in the morning, I am full of confidence and want to solve problems, not allowing anyone to disturb me, as if I am a Buddha without desires. But when the afternoon comes, I find it difficult to continue, and I start to indulge myself and slack off.

However, my inner self tells me not to give up, to return to the right track, and to patiently deal with the unresolved problems and gradually sort out my thoughts.

Accept your desires, face them directly, and don't escape. This is what I learned from reading "Siddhartha".


Maybe because of the zodiac year, I haven't been able to accomplish much in the past year. I haven't even played many games that I wanted to play. When I look back, there are still many games that I haven't touched...

  • I haven't defeated the tiger in "Sleeping Dragon".
  • I haven't passed the first boss in "Hollow Knight".
  • I haven't reopened the first mini-boss in "Pinocchio".

But when I immersed myself in these games in the past few days and truly experienced them, I realized how well-designed these games are.

  • The combat mechanics in "Sleeping Dragon" are really satisfying.
  • The map design, background music, scenes, and characters in "Hollow Knight" all bring me surprises.
  • I also like the art style of "Pinocchio". Walking alone in the dark alleyways brings a lot of dopamine stimulation.

I can't help but think that it's not that difficult to actually do these things. Just read a few more guides and explore more paths, and it will be quick.

But in the past, I always gave up when I encountered slightly bigger difficulties, and as time went on, I remembered but didn't dare to take that step, which led to accumulation and fear.

Successful people are always good at finding various ways and seeking help to achieve their goals.

On the other hand, people who fail or are lazy are essentially resistant to change.

You just need to realize that everything is constantly changing, and when you do anything, you are actually doing your best. There is no such thing as something being easy. Only then can you suddenly understand.

We have experienced long nights, thinking that the darkness is endless, but as long as we dare to look up, the moon is still there. As long as we dare to take a step, the road is still there. We don't ask for smooth sailing, but we strive to get closer to the finish line with every step we take.

Tao Te Ching Sharing Session#

After becoming a board member of the reading group, I helped host a sharing session for the first time (I am not the speaker).

Actually, there wasn't much to do. The preparation mainly involved sending out notifications, which wasn't troublesome. I just copied and pasted a ready-made template and made sure the time and location were correct.

The difficult part was conveying the information. It is sometimes difficult to change perspectives, so you need to experience different people's lives to think from their point of view.

As the person sending out the notification, the information is already clear enough, and it only takes a few seconds to quickly understand.

But there are always people who come up and ask... At first, I might be willing to answer, but as the number of questions increases, impatience naturally arises.

But at least I have been a participant before, and I can empathize (after all, I have encountered the folding, missing, and slow loading of messages in WeChat, a procrastinating app).

There were no mistakes during the sharing session, and I was already familiar with the equipment. The only thing to complain about is the audio cable. It seems that audio cables are useless everywhere (maybe because I rarely use them).

The speaker for the sharing session was a beautiful young lady, and she was a typical "I" person.

What are the characteristics of an "I" person? They are particularly afraid of awkward silence and constantly worry about awkwardness, so they keep looking for topics and can't stop talking, haha. And "I" people like to make fun of themselves, such as saying that they are not prepared, and so on.

But I don't really care about these things. I think a sharing session is more about listening to someone's story.

For example, she talked about the nervousness and anxiety before the college entrance examination.

She talked about her friend who was hit by a car and had to get stitches.

She talked about her experience of changing her major.

She talked about the bitter preparation process.

She also told many funny jokes, although some of them seemed too random to others, haha.

You may ask, what is the significance of these stories? I also think there is not much significance, but I just like listening, I like hearing the same things happening to someone else.

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