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Weekly Report #3 Badminton, Open Source, Reading, Games

Here is the translation of the text to English:

This is a record of Raye's experiences and stories during the period from April 14th to April 20th, 2023.


The cover image was drawn by AI.

Because I often pretend to forget about the weekly journal writing, I am exhausted by work and have gotten used to finding many excuses to avoid it. But no matter how noble these reasons are, I am still willing to record some. Maybe it's because I feel happy when I see more and more people paying attention to me on xlog, or maybe I can't help but want to record a beautiful piece of writing and hope that more people can find a little peace in their busy lives~


My racket broke again. Looking back, it hasn't been even a month since the last time. When I was talking to my fellow badminton player, he said he uses Li-Ning N61 string with 26 pounds tension, and it breaks about once every two weeks. He was surprised when he heard that I use BG65 string with 24 pounds tension and it breaks once a month. Maybe I really play too frequently and the racket string can't handle it.


But in the past week, my feel for the game has been improving, especially in singles. After all, singles and doubles are two different games. Since I have never taken any coaching lessons and have played more street badminton, many postures and techniques were learned by observing others or being beaten by better players. This kind of self-taught approach can easily lead to incorrect postures and a lack of feel for the shots. However, as I played more and more, I finally realized that when hitting the shuttlecock, the racket head should be in front of you on the left side (I am left-handed). How did I only understand such a simple knowledge now!!

Since realizing this, I suddenly found that every shot of mine, as long as it's not too passive, can finally reach a higher and farther position. Smashes have also become more powerful haha. And as my stamina gradually improves, continuous singles matches are no longer a problem (against opponents of similar skill level /doge).

Open Source#

I'm ashamed that I haven't been browsing GitHub or participating in open source work for the past week. Upon reflection, it may be due to the following reasons:

  1. I haven't been sleeping well for the past couple of days, which often leaves me without energy after work.
  2. I've been too obsessed with badminton /doge.


This week, I finished reading "Fu Sheng Liu Ji: Gui Fang Ji Le" and made many beautiful quotes from it. However, I haven't had the chance to fully appreciate them yet, so I'll record them here for now:

浮生六记 —— 闺房记乐 - raye~ (


"MineCraft: Legend," a game that I have been looking forward to for a long time, has finally been released. Although the review scores are not high, I still wanted to experience it myself. I will play it and write about my feelings after a thorough experience.

AI Drawing#

Although I still haven't played MJ (Mahjong), seeing my colleagues playing it makes me a little itchy. Besides the cover image, I have collected a few pictures that I really like~

Even though I'm not an otaku, these ancient-style anime pictures are so beautiful!


This one is also beautiful, with a sense of spring in the air.



This one could be directly used as a game map haha.

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