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Weekly Report #6 Life, Sentences, Writing


This records Raye's life and records from June 8th to June 12th, 2023.


Finally received a reply in a blue envelope~ On a Sunday afternoon, with sunlight shining through the curtains, casting a glow on the white table, I listened to soothing music, slowly picked up a pen, and wrote blessings to the children in the distance.


I have recently started tinkering with Surge again and also researched how to crack the membership for reading Tianxia Magazine. I have documented the process here, and I welcome your support.


I have delved into a problem about tcache cache poisoning, and the solution and thought process are recorded in this article.

English Writing#

I made my first attempt at English writing. Although it was a bit rough, I finally completed it. I am starting to accumulate followers on Medium and hope to receive support from friends who see it.


The clouds are light and the breeze is gentle, nearing noon. Following the willows, I pass by the flowers and the front river.

People at this time do not understand my joy, thinking I am stealing leisure like a young boy.

  • Another poem I really like

Perhaps many things are like this, when staring at an established result, suddenly realizing that it has been happening all along, but I just didn't notice.

  • A somewhat pessimistic sentence


On Native Family#

I don't think it should be called a native family, it should be called a native environment. It is not your past family that determines you, but your past environment that determines you.

Rain in Shenzhen#

For some reason, the rain in Shenzhen is always unpredictable, more difficult to grasp than the worst-tempered girlfriend. At this moment, I stand on the street, with wet hair from the rain, a drop of water falling down.

"Confessions Without Words"#

In our entire lives, we aim to break free from the expectations of others and find our true selves.

"Lovely Curse"#

When we were children, we felt fear towards the anger of adults and the lack of love we received. However, we also relied on the adults who took care of us. Faced with their anger, we could do almost nothing. The only thing we could control was our own behavior. So, we chose to abide by those unreasonable rules to protect ourselves.

The memories of fear are stored in a part of our brain called the amygdala, which is the center of fear memory in the human brain. When we encounter similar situations again, the amygdala will produce a stress response, causing us to instinctively choose the same coping mechanisms we used before.

The amygdala has no concept of time and does not know that we have grown up. So, when we feel fear, our brain is essentially in a childlike state. That's why we instinctively choose to comply. This is the reason why the lovely curse is difficult to break.

On Having High Standards and Low Abilities#

Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.

Many times, we tend to feel anxious because we wasted a few minutes. However, true persistence lies in the span of ten years. Don't be anxious about spilled milk, be prepared to start again at any time.

Interesting Things#

I have recently started managing my own Telegram channel, where I share articles and experiences. Feel free to subscribe.

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