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Weekly Report #7 We All Need Snapshots


Here is a record, thoughts, and stories of Raye from June 16th to July 16th, 2023.

Recently, when I reviewed my weekly reports, I found that a lot of the text and ideas have changed over time.

Just like a webpage needs snapshots, I have always liked the word "snapshot". When I first encountered this somewhat obscure term, I couldn't fully grasp its meaning.

But we really need snapshots, we need to capture snapshots of our lives on this timeline. Photos may be the best way, but they are too concrete and lack the space for manipulation, appreciation, and contemplation. Text, undoubtedly, is the best way to record and present snapshots. It is clear yet slightly hazy, full of emotions yet insignificant, singular yet ever-changing. Making friends through writing is better described as making friends through snapshots.

As I write this, I suddenly feel a touch in my heart, and tears well up in my eyes. I am not someone who is good at expressing emotions in words, but the hopes, aspirations, and emotions contained in words always give me infinite strength, driving me forward.

Few are those who truly understand, and who will listen when the strings are broken.


It is now 10:30 pm on July 15th, and after reviewing the weekly reports I posted on xlog, I finally started writing the report for the period from late June to early July.

During this time, I have really experienced a lot, and I feel like it has been the most challenging time I have encountered in my two years of work.

I can't reveal the specific details, but I have deeply experienced several keywords: blame-shifting, information asymmetry, and bosses.

Whenever there is a problem, departments always shift blame onto each other. But this time, it's not about actual bugs, but rather some issues related to bosses and process specifications.

But what really makes me angry is that instead of directly confronting the superiors, they use information asymmetry to manipulate and deceive lower-level employees (I can accept being manipulated, but at least fight back).

And what makes me feel most painful is that even though there is so much data, I rack my brains and can't find more problems.

But they insist on using manipulative language, such as "Oh, I remember it wasn't like this," "How is it possible that there's only this much data? Didn't we have hundreds of records for XXX data?" (even though they don't actually know)

If it were me when I first entered society, I might still think that my thinking was inadequate. But now, I really want to resist. I don't want to argue over a simple matter multiple times.

And manipulative language is always effective:


Of course, I admit that doing security work is always the most difficult, especially in large companies. Security is often the easiest thing to be blamed for. During this time, I have also witnessed various manipulations in the business. I used to think that my logic implementation was not elegant enough, but it turns out that even experienced employees who have been working for many years don't necessarily have better design ideas.

A colleague gave me a term: "grassroots team."

About Me#

Fortunately, there is a blog like xlog that allows me to continuously discover new things and meet new friends.

Actually, I am not a very picky person. The driving force behind my work always comes from my own curiosity. And my curiosity does not discriminate. As long as it is something I don't understand, I will be curious and approach it with great enthusiasm.

However, I must admit that sometimes I have a tendency to aim high but achieve little. I feel like I understand something quickly and then don't delve deeper. This is the result of my reflection during this period.

I have spread myself too thin, making it difficult for me to focus. I have broadened my horizons too much, making it difficult for me to delve deeper. I have thought too much, making it difficult for me to take action.

But recently, my work has left me speechless. I don't like using various buzzwords in reports to please the boss. I spend 1-2 weeks constantly condensing my work into a presentation that lasts less than 5 minutes.

But this is the food chain of society, and the efficiency of converting nutrients is so low.

Another problem is that I feel a strong inertia and cannot detach myself from a task in a timely manner. Or rather, when I have been working for a long time, I am unwilling to switch my mindset.

I think this is something that needs to be practiced. It's not that long periods of focus are not good, but rather that people need to rely on physical activity to stimulate their exhausted brains caused by focus.

After all, I am not a genius. I cannot continuously come up with new ideas during long periods of focus.

Perhaps, it is often the child who, when everyone is frantically searching for the lost watch of a millionaire, quietly discovers it by chance, simply because they heard the ticking of the watch hands.

Xbox & Surge#

I bought a license for Surge a long time ago, but for a long time, I left it unused and didn't delve into it. I only used it as a tool for capturing packets (I'm really rich to spend a few hundred yuan on a packet capture tool).

Recently, I started studying Surge again, and I have summarized some of its usage on both iPhone and Mac. I plan to write an article to provide a comprehensive introduction.

After moving, I gradually stabilized and started thinking about how to make use of the devices at hand. Although I have been playing Xbox games less recently, the reputation of Xbox as the most powerful set-top box is not unfounded. (Xbox supports 4K output for Netflix, HBO, Apple TV, and Hulu, basically covering the streaming services I frequently use.)

At first, I wanted to use the remote proxy feature of Surge to proxy the Xbox. But for some reason, Microsoft does not have this functionality. So I started researching other solutions.

There are actually two other options, and I can't help but feel that Surge is really feature-rich. One is to replace the router and use it as a software router, but this was rejected because the Wi-Fi is shared with my roommate. The other is to add a virtual network card through the enhanced mode and use it as a gateway.

I chose the second option and found a pitfall during the configuration: the DNS configuration provided by Surge's official documentation is incorrect,, the actual DNS configuration should be like this:


This way, my Xbox can use the traffic rules on my Mac to achieve a scientific way of accessing the internet:


Digital Diary#

Reorx mentioned in this blog post that he is like a machine living in cyberspace, collecting and filtering information. Therefore, he wanted to unify the filtered information and created an automated workflow using n8n, aggregating information input and output.

Although, I prefer to call it my digital diary, this is my life's accumulation in cyberspace.

With the help of a great blogger, I have already completed it. The channel address is:, Raye's Journey, which means Raye's journey record in cyberspace.

Considering that there are not many articles in this area, I also plan to write one to help everyone set it up.

May we all have our own digital diaries.


Blue Envelope#

In July, I received my 5th letter from a child! I will continue to keep it up.

WeChat Reading & Reading#

I participated in World Book Day activities on April 23rd, and finally received the World Book Day badge from WeChat Reading in July. Although I don't think it looks very nice, I really like its weight! 🥰

(But the photos I took are so ugly! 🤣




I also found a coach for badminton. I have already attended 9 sessions in the large class and 3 one-on-one sessions.

I have made some improvements, mainly in:

  • Footwork: I have started using lunge steps in the frontcourt and no longer blindly retreat and get caught by net shots.
  • Backhand: Although it is not stable, I can occasionally hit high-quality cross shots.
  • Net shots: I still need to practice my forehand net shots.
  • Serve: I have practiced a whole box of shuttlecocks and finally learned how to backhand serve in doubles.
  • Lifts: I played well during training, but I struggle a bit in actual matches.
  • Drop shots: I have finally learned how to do frontcourt drop shots, and in recent matches with my friends, I have hit several high-quality drop shots (it's true that whoever dominates the frontcourt dominates the game).

Annoying People#

Purely venting, feel free to read:

Sometimes I really dislike people who like to label others right from the start.

I like making friends and appreciate the strengths of others.

But I find it hard to tolerate a certain type of person. I think it may be a genetic nature. They always like to point fingers at others and consider their own opinions as the absolute truth.

Therefore, I often don't have deep friendships because our values don't align, and I don't like small circles where people are confined.

So I often jump from one circle to another.

After all, friends are rare, but it's easier to find like-minded people.

TV Series#

Platonic has ended, and I really liked this series. The foreshadowing throughout the series was reflected in the final ending.

In the last episode, Sylvia and Will still had to part ways. Faced with the plastic flowers Will bought for her on the roadside, Sylvia said, "These flowers are fake, very plastic. But it means they will never wither." It was touching. 😭

Since I don't know how to take screenshots on Apple TV, here are some interesting images from Douban:


In fact, true friends also have a Platonic relationship!

I am still following The Crown and Card of House. I will take my time, as they are both classics. They depict the suffering of Queen Elizabeth and the extreme measures Francis takes to undermine his political opponents.

I have also started watching The Last of Us, although it has been out for a long time. The male lead is handsome and charming, and the accompanying little female lead is really cute. I really love this series.


From now on, all my records will be automatically synchronized to my personal channel,

But I will also excerpt some of them and put them on my blog:

  1. provides a guide for quickly setting up a blog, but I think xlog is already worth it. The key is to continue producing content.
  2. explains how to crack sliding captchas.
  3. shows that Kingsoft Docs now supports cloud function deployment, which is an interesting development.
  4. explains how to open an app from a web page in Android, essentially launching an activity.
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