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Weekly Report #8 It's not a bad thing for a group of people to chat.

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This article records Raye's life, experiences, and thoughts from July 17th to July 23rd.

"A cup of wine, a song, is enough to express deep feelings."

When I wrote the title, the first thing that came to mind was Wang Xizhi's "Preface to the Orchid Pavilion Collection" written 1500 years ago. Even Confucius expressed his desire to bathe in the Yi River and dance at the Yuyu Altar, singing and returning. I really long for this kind of life.

Unfortunately, life is more of a kind of melancholy. Wanting to buy osmanthus flowers and wine together, it is not the same as being young and carefree.

I started listening to podcasts this week. I don't know why, but I have never listened to any podcasts before. Maybe I'm just slow to embrace new things? I don't know why I was unwilling to take that step, like a soldier on the battlefield, crawling forward even though there is no gunfire or smoke.

When I opened the podcast and heard:

"Like a drop of ink, dripping on white paper, spreading out pavilions and towers, spreading out mountains and rivers, spreading out the myriad of human experiences."

I knew that I could no longer escape the joy belonging to literati, belonging to friends, belonging to the flowing water and songs.

Coincidentally, this week I also met with book friends from the Greater Bay Area for an impromptu book club meeting and had a lunch with Chaoshan flavor.

A group of people, chatting and discussing everything, from autonomous driving to Sino-US trade, from drone competitions to layoffs in big companies, from venture capital to the essence of business. Except for avoiding discussing national affairs, our thoughts were free-flowing. 🤣

I really like this feeling, but I'm also afraid of losing it.

This is the end of this week's report.


"Like a drop of ink, dripping on white paper, spreading out pavilions and towers, spreading out mountains and rivers, spreading out the myriad of human experiences."

This quote is from the ideal blog "Who is Writing the Story of Our Generation?"

I really love this quote, and I even want to write a similar one:

"Like a bright moon, reflecting on the sea, refracting the wanderings of a traveler, refracting the longing of a wanderer, refracting the path of humanity."

(I'm not good at imitating, please forgive me)

So this week, I was immersed in listening to podcasts and gradually fell in love with this kind of long-distance soul communication.

Book Club Meeting#

On Tuesday, book friends had already started planning for the weekend's gathering, and I was looking forward to it. I also shared "The Power of Calculus" in the book club before, and I prepared the presentation for a long time. Although I didn't realize that the Tencent Meeting didn't have audio at the beginning 🤣

The book friends also shared many interesting books (although I didn't pay full attention to some of them due to professional barriers 🤣)

I mentioned some topics in the preface, so I won't repeat them here. Here are some of the viewpoints I recorded:

  • The China-US trade war unexpectedly started with light industrial products such as socks and underwear (because China's similar light industrial costs are already very low, and there are a large number of US orders every year). The real high-level business wars often take place on battlefields without gunpowder, in some subtle industries that ordinary people cannot perceive.
  • The straw king monopolized the entire industry, but its annual profit is only 300 million yuan, while the small companies participating in the evaluation meetings for setting high-altitude littering standards in Shenzhen have high profits behind them. (Many small companies either quietly die or quietly make big money)
  • The essence of business is still the relationship between supply and demand, but many small details of supply and demand are imperceptible to you (lack of business genes, ah)
  • If the goal of an industry is very clear, it may become overwhelming. On the contrary, if the goal is unclear and still in the exploration stage, everyone can work on time. 🐶

(I wanted to add photos, but I don't know how to add emojis to people's faces, haha)

Logseq vs Obsidian vs Notion#

I'll briefly write about it, and I plan to analyze the pros and cons of these note-taking software later (still in progress).
My note-taking software journey:

I can't remember the first note-taking software I used, but I became familiar with Markdown at the beginning, and then I started using Typora. However, Typora's file organization was not user-friendly.

Later, I switched to Evernote because it had a clipping function that I thought was very useful. I even subscribed to the premium membership for a year, and I also subscribed to the linked Mark Text Markdown editor for a year.

But I didn't use it for a year, and then I switched to Youdao Cloud Notes, which was really easy to use and free.

I used Notion for a while, but I found the operation to be cumbersome, so I gave up.

Then, on the recommendation of a colleague, I tried Obsidian, and it was the first time I encountered the concept of a bidirectional link. I was amazed and started tinkering with Obsidian.

But Obsidian still relies on traditional file management and is not a true bidirectional link. I also didn't understand the search function.

I switched back to Notion, and I used it for a long time. I also used Apple's Notes and Flow.

Recently, I started using Logseq and found that it is really great. There are a few features that I must mention:


I used to think that writing a diary every day was a kind of compulsion because I didn't have much to write about. But Logseq changed my perspective.

Instead of making me recall what happened each day and record it in a diary, Logseq presents the diary in front of me, and all my entries start from the diary.

I think this is indeed a new way of thinking. This way, my daily records are clear, and when I need to review, I can clearly see what happened each day (the only downside is that people who use it for the first time may be confused. I didn't even know how to create a note!)

Tags & Pages#

I think Logseq revolutionized the meaning of tags.

I can add tags to each block, and these tags will be automatically associated with the corresponding pages.

For example, if I collect some beautiful sentences every day:

  1. In Notion, I might need to add a record to a dedicated database called "Sentences" and give it a name.
  2. In Obsidian, I need to create a new page and name it.
  3. In Logseq, I simply copy and paste and add "#Sentences", and it's done (not having to name it is really great!)

When all I need to do is copy, paste, and add tags, and these tags are automatically associated in chronological order, it feels so smooth.


Serverless Services and Channel Management#

Recently, I have been obsessed with deploying serverless services. In addition to n8n and rsshub, I have also deployed several crawler services. Following pseudoyu's method, I have set up an "uptime" service for service monitoring.

My channel, Raye's Journey, is officially online and operational.

Although there were some issues with debugging before, sometimes I sent dozens of messages at once, but now it's almost resolved. Welcome to follow! 👏🏻

I synchronize my Netease Cloud Music, Douban, Twitter, xlog, Medium, Spotify, Github, YouTube, Pinboard, Instapaper, and other services on a daily basis.

The process of setting up these services is recorded in this article If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Telegram.

(P.S. Xlog has been updated recently, but the icons here are displayed incorrectly. I don't know how I added one of the Telegram icons, and it's actually wrong. Don't be misled.)

Update: Now it's fixed. It turns out that I accidentally set it up incorrectly. Haha 😓

TV Series#

I finished watching Season 1 of "The Last of Us," and I love this series so much! (Even though it ended in March and I just finished it now)

Ellie's dark jokes, Joel's character development, and the final scene where Joel kills the Fireflies, accompanied by a poignant background music, made me cry.

This scene is so heartwarming, Joel can tell jokes now too! 🤣


Unfortunately, I can't take screenshots, but I recommend Murphy's explanation on Bilibili. It's really great!


Recently, I have been following a YouTuber named Ansen Yao. He speaks at an astonishing speed, but in his plain and simple narration, you can feel his profound knowledge in linguistics, geography, history, mathematics, and traditional Chinese culture.

I was initially curious about the origins and connections of various provinces in China, such as Hanzhong, Sichuan, Guanzhong, and Nanyang, which were not covered in my high school geography textbook. I always like to explore the stories behind these places (they are also related to the history of the Three Kingdoms, after all, Longzhong is related to these places, haha).

Then I saw his videos in the recommendations, and I gradually watched all his videos about Chinese culture. They are really great and have enhanced my cultural confidence. 🐶

I was also thinking recently whether the story of Zhou Youwang playing with the vassals by lighting signal fires is possible. It really feels unreliable, and his video also provides a detailed explanation (actually, history is not about things that happened in reality, but more about things that historians perceive. It is not easy for Sima Qian to write objectively. Let's just treat the story of playing with the vassals as a fable 😆).


Lately, I have been feeling anxious for no reason, especially when I know I need to do something but I'm busy and don't have time to do it.

But once I have free time, I realize that I have lost my motivation and keep procrastinating.

Then I start to feel frustrated and doubt myself, and after self-doubt, I start to motivate myself and get things done.

I'm always caught between these two states, and sometimes it's really tiring.

I need to learn to reconcile with myself. 🫠


From now on, all my records will be automatically synchronized to my personal channel,

But I will also excerpt some of them and put them on my blog:

  1. Bilibili automatic task tool, it's necessary to set up one, otherwise my premium membership will go to waste.
  2. Burp path detection and scanning plugin, planning to familiarize myself with the code and contribute.
  3. "The Glass Tower Mystery," the twist is quite surprising, although I feel that something is not right (such as why intentionally leave clues for the doctor), but I still like it.
  4. Manage your Github starred projects. I made a pull request, and it can be deployed to Vercel (it's just a matter of writing a cloud function, very simple, but I encountered some issues). I plan to share it later (if you want to deploy it, you can refer to my fork,
  5. How to understand product managers, it's written very profoundly.
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