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I don't really feel like watching Bilibili anymore.


This article is about some negative talk in daily life, representing my views at that moment, unrelated to my current self 🐶

I stopped watching Bilibili for a while and felt that life suddenly became more rhythmic, and I had more time to watch the content I liked.

It seems that avoiding recommendations is really useful.

Yesterday, when I opened Bilibili, the homepage recommended me videos from the "影视飓风" channel. I scrolled down and saw "大狸子" and "lks" and others, the up creators whose videos I used to watch frequently have updated again.

So what? Actually, I'm not really interested in the latest PS5, and the new activities organized by "lks" don't seem to attract me either. "影视飓风" has started making videos about frame rates, but what help do these knowledge have for me?

If it were in the past, these videos would definitely be great materials for relaxation, leisure, and entertainment.

But now, I prefer to choose the content I want to watch. I haven't finished reading "人间草木" by Wang Zengqi, I reread "六个说谎的大学生", and "山月记" has been sitting on my bookshelf without being read. Duo has started reminding me to memorize words again, aren't these more valuable?

I also remembered Bilibili's Youth Day promotional video "后浪". Why was it disliked by people? Because it only depicted one way of life, and advocated only one way of life, but the real life behind the screen is far more than that. Here, there are not only small vendors who are scared and constantly evading urban management, but also delivery drivers who have summarized the rules of traffic lights at every intersection, as well as you and me who are constantly on the road.

I think they should all be seen. I am starting to dislike those spotlighted up creators on Bilibili who are the same age as me.

Indeed, "大狸子"'s entrepreneurial story is touching, and "影视飓风"'s Tim is also a good person. In real life, they would definitely be friends I would like to get to know.

They haven't done anything wrong, it's just that they appear too frequently, as if everyone wants to share my attention, to occupy me, to instill knowledge in me, to create knowledge and educate me.

Perhaps I don't need all of this, I have my own choices, I also need to learn, live, and record.

So I still prefer the way of blogging, this casual expression of updates. To read or not to read, the choice is in the hands of the readers.

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