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Looking up, I see the bright moon; looking down, I count six pennies - Memories of the Non-Bookstore.

Why is it called "Wu Fei Bookstore"? It may have two meanings:

  • I am not just a bookstore (after all, it is in cooperation with a telecommunications company, which is quite appropriate)
  • It is nothing more than a bookstore, but I quite like it. After all, bookstores always give people a fresh and elegant feeling. However, in the end, it is just a bookstore.

The store manager is named Yi Ran, which may come from some allusion, but I don't know. I just feel that it sounds inexplicably pleasant (I must add that she is also super interesting and fun! She is an interesting soul, haha).

Is it really feasible for one person to run a bookstore? I feel that it is feasible at Wu Fei Bookstore.

From arranging books, making drinks, organizing events, and hosting creative markets, as the store manager, Yi Ran can handle everything herself, while still maintaining a free-spirited mind.

Although the pressure is great, she handles it with ease, as if lifting a heavy weight effortlessly. I can feel a love for books that comes from the purest place.

When Yi Ran explains the arrangement of books, there are a few interesting details. She intentionally places books by Lin Yutang and Lu Xun together, hoping that these two former enemies can resolve their past hatred through this lovely woman in the present world. As readers, we don't need to worry about the grudges between literary figures.

And there is Mu Xin, Mu Xin, such a beautiful and elegant name, hidden in a corner of the bookstore. Only those who are willing to slow down and browse the bookstore can find it. Sliding fingertips between books, brushing away specks of dust, looking at the names of masters, it feels as if the ultimate truth of the universe has been grasped.

Browsing a bookstore is not for those who can simply come in and buy a book. That goal is too clear, just like online bookstores. For readers, cheaper prices, doorstep delivery, not to mention the large discounts and promotions.

But in this world, there must always be some people who stick to their principles. There are always some values that cannot be measured by price. There are always some rebels who grow in the face of adversity, rooted in the mountains.

At Wu Fei Bookstore, you can indeed see a group of book lovers.

Elegant layout, movie curtains, decorated flowers, antique bookshelves, graffiti everywhere, postcards, a drifting book house at the entrance, old books on the windowsill, unopened new books, booths facing the sun, the aroma of coffee. I can't help but want to stay a little longer.

A whole day of leisurely time spent with tea, books, coffee, sunlight, and the desk. It feels like a pie falling from the sky!

It's just a pity that in Shenzhen, there is rarely such an atmosphere. I once heard a podcast titled "Watching Money in Shenzhen," which was quite ironic.

I envy those in Beijing who have a group of like-minded friends. On a night with a gentle breeze and a bright moon, they raise their cups and ask, "Will this world get better?"

Tears flow and joy fills their hearts.

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