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Weekly Report #22: Changes Brought to Me by Bookstores, Miscellaneous Notes, and Writing

The weekly report has been delayed for a long time. Recently, I need to reflect on why I haven't been able to focus on writing 🐶. However, I have already recorded many recent thoughts in my flomo, such as history, taking the bus, reading, etc., but I still lack the motivation to write them down.

I have started to recall why I started writing the weekly report. Initially, I wanted to record interesting things that happened to me during the week, but such materials are often scarce, and simply recording them gradually becomes a formality. So I started expanding the content, including reading, watching TV shows, miscellaneous notes, and writing them in the weekly report. But as I wrote, I felt that something was not quite right. Shouldn't these contents be written separately? So I started to struggle with this.

But it doesn't matter. If I want to write them separately, I will. For other things, I will record them in the weekly report as needed. I'm too lazy to worry about it, so I'll just do it first.

I have been quite happy recently~ haha. I will slowly write about the specific reasons later. I still owe a lot of articles.

Ps. Someone said that my writing style is very delicate, like a girl? Respecting the dog 🐶

Wufei Bookstore#

I have already written about it here, no need to say more,

However, on December 2nd, I was invited to share "The Submarine in the Night" at the bookstore, and I added a few more things at that time, so I will record them here:

First of all, I want to thank Wufei Bookstore for the invitation. Speaking of this bookstore, there are some things I want to share with everyone.

I think it was about three months ago, probably during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The bookstore had an event, and that was when I learned about this bookstore.

It was a very pleasant surprise because I pass by this intersection every day on my way to and from work, but I never thought that in this ordinary and mundane life, there would be a place like the Peach Blossom Spring described in the story.

Fortunately, the Peach Blossom Spring may disappear, but the bookstore won't, especially in this era when physical bookstores are gradually declining.

The last time I came to the bookstore, I enjoyed the atmosphere created by the store manager, Yiran. I listened to her story of becoming a store manager and was deeply moved. Later, I wrote the following paragraph:

"But in this world, there should always be some people who stick to their beliefs. There are always some values that cannot be measured by price. There are always some rebels who grow up in the wind and are rooted in the mountains."

Here is a picture. There were about 13 people who came, and no one left in the middle. I was quite happy, hahaha.


Writing and Tools - Why Care About Others' Opinions?#

These days, I also read Bruce's thoughts on writing and tinkering with tools, here is the link:

I'll also share my own views.

I still think that bloggers should slightly lower their sense of superiority. Essentially, we are all netizens. You write your stories on the Internet, and others waste their time on short videos on their phones. We coexist peacefully.

Next, just focus on your own goals. I just like tinkering with tools and having a visually pleasing blog page. So what if you make sarcastic remarks? I just want to write articles, regardless of the interface, as long as there is a webpage.

Finally, such mockery is not a big deal. Haven't we also mocked those keyboard warriors who only use their phones to go online? They might be mocking you self-righteous people behind your back. How you are is how you are. Will others' comments change anything?

However, one day, my perspective suddenly changed.

Because I stood in the perspective of an outsider, I realized that this kind of baseless criticism seems to be wrong in itself.

Apart from saying that you always tinker with templates but write few blog posts, the same problem can be raised in several ways. For example, how come you always write superficial accounts without any depth? How come you always write about daily life without any technical articles?

This illogical and baseless criticism reminded me of a text I read in primary school. I searched for it and found it:

The gist of it is that a father and son went to the city together, and originally the father was riding a donkey. However, they were criticized by passersby for the father being heartless. So they let the son ride the donkey, but then they were criticized for the son being unfilial... and so on. In the end, they didn't know what to do.

This story had a deep impact on me, to the point that I still remember it now.

Therefore, the statement "We can be tolerant and don't need to mock everything" is, in my opinion, incorrect.

I think we should just fight back directly. You're just trash, what qualifications do you have to criticize me? (laughs) Or simply ignore it. How does being more tolerant on the internet help? To hell with that, I'll adjust myself, why bother caring about those losers?

The Changes Writing Has Brought Me#

Why do I write more, read more books, and record the thoughts that come to my mind at any time and place? There are three benefits:

Reading more books and writing more words naturally manifest in various ways, whether it's in people's conversations, deepening of experiences, or emotional resonance. Since I hosted the sharing session last time, I found that the goals I set for myself last year have gradually been achieved.

Looking back, I used to occasionally write something, but when it came to speaking and expressing myself, I would get nervous and start sweating. The reason behind it was often the fear of not being able to continue the previous sentence. So I was worried about not speaking well, and I would often think of something and immediately say it, speaking quickly, and then getting stuck after finishing a sentence.

The first half of the year was mainly focused on reading, and I had very little social interaction. Although I am an "E-person," I often find myself in a state of an IE browser, whether I am alone or socializing with others, I can gain energy. In the second half of the year, coincidentally, I participated in a book club within the company and started to get in touch with and meet many new friends. But that's a story for later, I will write about it slowly later.

I rarely have long-term plans, but I always have short-term goals and constantly give myself psychological suggestions. For example, I want to read more and socialize more. I rarely write them down, but I always keep them in mind and continuously work towards these goals.

Looking back now, this kind of planning seems quite reasonable. I improved myself in the first half of the year, accumulating knowledge and skills, and in the second half of the year, I can put them into practice.

I am very fortunate that I have been persistently writing since April, engaging in a dialogue with myself through writing. Although I stumbled at the beginning, with the accumulation of reading and the feedback from writing, I have become comfortable with this state.

For example, during the sharing session on November 9th, when I shared "The Submarine in the Night," although I had already written a script, there were still some impromptu moments. For example, when discussing, a fellow participant asked me if a person must have something certain in their life.

Without much thought, I went along with her topic. I said that there are probably two ways for people to live. The first is to live carefree, just like in "Dream of the Red Chamber."

The second is, as we all know, history only records the stories of kings and generals, and it's difficult for ordinary people like us to leave a mark. That's why I write a blog. I think I'm writing my own historical record. When I'm gone, at least something will be left behind. As for why I want to hide it, I think it's like what was written in "The Three-Body Problem," carving words on stone.

Thanks to writing, I will continue to persist in the future.

Miscellaneous Notes - Adjusting the Layout of Mobile Apps#

Recently, I made some adjustments to the layout of my mobile apps.

I mentioned in this weekly report that I don't like the practice of organizing apps into folders, but having all the apps laid out flat can be overwhelming.

So I came up with a different approach. Since I am the one using the phone, my usage habits should be the basis. So how do I use my phone? It's simple: using it in the elevator, using it for a short time, and using it for a long time. Naturally, I can divide the apps according to these scenarios.

So I divided them into three pages. The first page is for apps used in the elevator, such as WeChat, QQ, Xiaohongshu, and Douban. The second page is for short-term use, around ten minutes, so it's suitable for reviewing my notes and reading magazines. The third page is for long-term use, such as watching long videos and reading apps.

When I approached it from this perspective, it became clear and easy.

📮 Newsletter#

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But I will also excerpt some and put them on my blog:

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